Lenovo’s Tab 4 range is the MPV of tablets

In and around Lenovo’s barns this week are a litter of new-borns, including the affordable Windows 10 convertible Miix 320 and a couple of powerful Yoga folders too. But it’s the Tab 4 range we reckon is of most use to most folk.

The Tab 4 range comes in 8in or 10in sizes, of which there are two bell-and-whistle variants, the standard Tab 4 8 and Tab 4 10 and the fancier Tab 4 8 Plus and Tab 4 10 Plus. All four of these can be had in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi/4G versions.

Those two ‘Plus’ versions get faster Snapdragon chips, more RAM, more storage and more pixels – 1920×1200, as opposed to the non-Plus 1200×800. There’s also Plus style, as the spendy ones get a fancier glass-backed design.

You can also tune your Tab 4 experience with a businesslike Bluetooth keyboard Productivity Pack, or go the other way with the Kid’s Pack. Which is a screen protector, stickers and a handy rubber bumper case with little cutaways for the Tab 4’s Dolby Atmos-channelling stereo speakers.

The Tab 4 8 is your entry level, at €169. Then theres the 10-inch version (€179), while your 8 Plus and 10 Plus come in at €259 and €299 respectively. Prices for the Kid’s Pack and Productivity Pack – which is just a keyboard, really – are yet to be announced, but you can wait in line at lenovo.com. We don’t have local pricing yet, but the entry level model equates to about $235 locally.

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