Twitter reverses decision on anti-bullying tool

Twitter has reversed a decision to block a feature that was considered a source of bullying on the platform, mere hours after rolling it out.

Users were told on Monday that they would no longer be notified if other Twitter members added their names to lists, a response to calls for the social network to clamp down on lists designed to abuse or insult its members.

It seems Twitter can’t win, as users have since complained that this simply buries the abuse, and prevents users from being able to see when they are being targeted.

sers also complained that a blanket ban would limit an otherwise useful feature for connecting with other users.

Twitter reversed the decision two hours later, with Ed Ho, Twitter’s VP of engineering, tweeting: “Reconsidered and reversing.”

Other changes, including collapsing abusive tweets and a new safe search function, are still planned to go ahead.

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