The ten best photo editing apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

The most focused editing app in this round-up, SKRWT is all about working with lens and perspective corrections. For lens distortions, you get individual tabs for mobile, wide-angle, fisheye and GoPro cameras. With architecture shots in particular, applying corrections to horizontal and vertical lines using SKRWT can prove transformative.

The app also bundles two further tools: MRRW skews photos and creates mirror images; 4PNTS has intuitive four-points correction tools. Annoyingly, each is effectively a sub-app, so you can’t quickly scoot between, say, SKRWT and MRRW. That niggle aside, SKRWT proves an essential part of any smartphone photographer’s toolkit.

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As far as filters go, Prisma’s a dazzling example. You load a pic and then tap on a style thumbnail, the selection ranging from Manga to classic paintings from Munch, Picasso and Lichtenstein.

If you’re online, you’ll find that a few seconds later your photograph has become a miniature – and surprisingly authentic-looking – work of art that can be shared.

Given the app’s popularity during 2016, Prisma art is now a bit too commonplace; even so, it’s hard not to grin when you once again create your very own slice of pop-art or a terrifying Munch-infused self-portrait.

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In its original incarnation, Hipstamatic isn’t just full of throwback camera styles – even its interface desperately wants to be a point-and-click camera. But the days of stitched leather calendars on iPhones and iPads are long gone, and so Hipstamatic mercifully also includes a pro mode – and that’s where the editing action is.

Load a photo and you’ll see all the usual options – cropping, vibrancy, and so on – but also Hipstamatic’s filters, depth of field effect, film types, lenses, and flashes. Using these things, you can make even the cleanest of snaps look like it’s stumbled out of the 1970s.

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This app takes a decidedly different retro path from Hipstamatic. Load a photo into Retrospecs, and you get to choose from filters that emulate graphics from classic videogame consoles and home computers. If you always wanted to know what your selfie would look like on a C64 or Game Boy, this is your app.

What propels Retrospecs beyond novelty is the control it affords. You can tweak dither types, boost levels, and even create your own virtual systems. Perfect for anyone who thinks even SVGA is perhaps a bit too modern.

On Android and gnashing your teeth at Retrospecs being iOS-only? Check out the somewhat similar 8Bit Photo Lab.

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The irony of smartphone camera apps is we’re now at the point where we have some of the cleanest photography imaginable – and yet people ache for the imperfections of yesteryear. Mextures takes this to the extreme, providing you with limitless layers for wreaking havoc on pristine imagery.

You can apply all kinds of grit, grain, grunge and light leaks, messing around with rotation and opacity to suit. And if you’re feeling lazy, there are loads of off-the-shelf formulas to apply with a single tap – and then fiddle around with when you’re feeling a bit more creative.

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Prisma wants to turn smartphone-shot photographs into art; but Fragment rethinks the nature of what such art could be when you’re armed with some seriously capable technology.

Instead of paints and inks, Fragment works with patterns of reflective surfaces. It’s like peering into a perfectly made prism that adds visual clout to even the most mundane of images.

Fling yourself entirely down the rabbit hole with Fragment’s blend and blur effects, and you can end up with something otherworldly, pointing at the future of creative imagery rather than hankering after its past.

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