Prisma-like NeuralStyler 1.2 brings more creative control

Open-source video-to-art creator has hit version 1.2 with some handy new features.

A simple video trimmer allows selecting the scene you’d like to transform. It’s not precise – you choose your start and end points by seconds, not frames – but that’s still enough to save you a lot of time and hassle.

If you’re converting an image, a “Style Strength” slider instantly customises the effect. Again, it’s basic, apparently just blending the converted image with the original, but we found it helped fine-tune the results.

You’re no longer restricted to choosing from a few predefined export resolutions. Select “Custom” and you can define whatever size you need.

And good news, there’s no more squashing or stretching of your image as by default the original aspect ratio is preserved.

NeuralStyler probably won’t replace your favourite video/ image/ GIF-to-artwork creator. It doesn’t have as many styles as apps like Prisma, the effects you do get generally aren’t as impressive, and there’s a small “NeuralStyler” caption displayed on the saved picture.

The program does also have plus points, though, including video support, aspect ratio control, offline operations and its portability , and one or two of the styles can deliver outstanding results. Grab a copy, see what it can do with your favourite pics.

NeuralStyler 1.2 is available now for Windows and Linux.

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