Windows 10 will let you ban non-Store apps

Windows 10 Creators Update will let users ban apps that aren’t directly installed via the Windows Store.

The latest preview to the upcoming update reportedly offers the ability to ban standard apps in favour of its Universal Windows Platform. The install ban isn’t on by default, so users must turn it on first. Why would you want to do that?

According to reports on MSPowerUser, the dialogue box in the update preview says that “limiting applications to apps from the Store helps to keep your PC safe and reliable”. Depending on your settings, you’ll be completely blocked from installing classic applications, or be offered the option to “install anyway”.

Such a feature will prevent the accidental installation of bloatware and possibly even malware, though if you still depend on standard Win32 apps — and you likely do — this feature will be of less use. But it could be handy to help lock down shared PCs, and is also thought to be in use on the mooted Windows 10 Cloud version of the OS.

Not everyone was happy about the move, with Epic Games co-founder Tim Sweeney calling it “anti-competitive”, with others saying it’s “done solely to push the Windows 10 Store”.

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