FBackup 6.0 debuts cloud backup

The new release finally brings support for cloud backups, with an option to save your data to Google Drive.

A “Progress View” keeps you up-to-date with the current backup job, listing details including the files processed so far, the number to go, and estimated time remaining.

There’s also a new Backup View with an integrated file/ folder search, although we’re less impressed by that: the only time we got it to work, it did nothing useful, and the Help didn’t help, either.

Assorted interface improvements include updates for the Backup Wizard, along with the Backup Properties and Backup Options dialogs.

Technical tweaks include an SHA-256 certificate for the setup program, and there’s the usual scattering of non-specific “other improvements”.

Google Drive backup is a great addition to the program, although if you need more, keep in mind that Softland’s commercial Backup4all also offers backup to FTP, SFTP, even Azure and Amazon S3 in the $49.99 Backup4all Professional version.

FBackup 6.0 is a freeware application for Windows XP and later.

This article originally appeared at softwarecrew.co.uk

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