One Minute Review: Alcatel Idol 4S goes virtual

At just under $600, this mid-range Android is new turf for normally budget-oriented Alcatel. Due here in September, the review unit we’ve been using wins for a very good 5.5-inch AMOLED screen with a generous 1440×2560 resolution. It wins again for the innovative ‘Boom Switch’ mounted on the right side that can be configured to custom uses, including as the shutter for an instant photo, or if you like, instantly boosting music bass. The battery is average, at 3000mAh.

It also comes with a plastic VR headset, much like the sold-separately Samsung Gear VR, but sans the Sammy’s side touch controls. This novel bundle will, we predict, become common as smartphone VR catches on. The cost it represents is negligible, and we think the asking price for the Idol 4S is fair, though not a stand-out bargain in the growing mid-range segment.

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