LG G6: Everything we know so far

How do you trump a whole new type of smartphone?

When LG delivered the G5 last year, it brought to the table the most usable example of a modular mobile to date. 

With a switchable bumper plate and add-ons that included camera and hi-fi modules, the G5 represented what we thought might just be the future for phones. And, while the modularity didn’t catch on as LG had hoped, it was still an impressive demonstration.

So, where will LG go next? The good news is that we won’t have to wait long to find out: almost all of the evidence points towards an end-of-February launch, just in time for MWC 2017 in Barcelona.

To keep you in the loop until then, we’ve collected, sifted and sorted all of the knowledge, leaks and rumours doing the rounds about the G6.

A pretty, big screen

Early rumours pointed towards a curved display on the G6, but several shreds of evidence now suggest that this isn’t the case. Instead, it seems LG’s latest flagship will be fronted by a 5.7in screen with a QHD+ resolution – or better.

What’s more, a number of sources have suggested the aspect ratio might be a little different – whether that’s 2:1 or 18:9. Why? Well, that could simply to be to differentiate it from competitors, or it could be to make the G6 a seriously cinematic device. Either way, it’d be quite the jump from the G5’s 5.3in screen – and would pitch the G6 squarely against the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is rumoured to have a 4K, 5.5in display.

Bezels? Who needs ’em

Aside from a proper phablet-sized screen, it’s also been widely suggested that the G6 will ship with seriously slim bezels. Think: 90% screen to frontage ratio. That’s Xioami Mi Mix stuff – and, with a 5.7in screen, ought to look seriously striking.

Happy when wet

If true, this would be a first for a G-series handset: more than one source has suggested that the LG G6 will be sealed and wateproof.

An official teaser video from LG, in which people stated the features they most wanted in a phone, prominently mentioned waterproofing – alongside a caption stating that those ideas would “come to life” in February. While not conclusive – conflicting evidence exists, variously claiming that the G6 might or might not have a removeable battery, which would make waterproofing tricky – we think this one’s pretty likely.

No more modular

Depending on who you ask, this one’s no surprise – and it’s almost certainly true. Despite the promise shown by the G5’s interchangeable bumpers and add-ons, uptake by smartphone buyers simply wasn’t as spectacular as hoped.

Whether because of that performance, or because the G5 was simply an experiment, almost all sources suggest we won’t see a return of those plug-in peripherals with the G6. Should we be sad? That depends on how good the rest of the G6 is.

Skin of glass

Prefer plastic phones? The G6 won’t be for you: several shreds of evidence and a supposedly official image point towards a predominantly glass build for the G6, with just a few metal touches.

This should give the G6 a distinctly Samsung feel and, hopefully, means the end of the plastic parts that have plagued many an LG phone in years past.

Some kind of clever snapper

Despite the existence of a fair amount of know-how about the rest of the G6’s specs, its camera smarts remain thin on the ground – besides a sentence from that same teaser video about a snapper to “capture it all at once”. Quite what that means will have to wait until February, but we might expect to see an upgrade to the G5’s dual 8MP/16MP sensors.

Round the front, things might get more interesting still: more than one expert has claimed that the G6’s selfie camera will have two sensors – one of which will enable it to act as an iris scanner, Note 7 style. 

Google, at your service

If you believe the hype, Google Assistant is the next big thing in smart tech – but you’ll only get it on a Pixel or Google Home device, for now.

That could change with the G6, though: at least one industry source thinks we’ll see the smarter-than-Siri software grace the G6 with its presence, which would certainly add kudos to the newest LG handset – not to mention a heap more functionality over “OK Google”.

Wires or not?

Got a favourite pair of cans? More than one piece of evidence has hinted at the retention of the headphone jack on the G6 – so it won’t be a wire-free wonder.

It might just have wireless charging, though. OK, so it’s a speculation that seems to surface ahead of almost every flagship smartphone nowadays – and there are sources pointing both ways as to whether the G6 will charge without cables – but it would make for a nifty differentiator, and might explain that switch to a glass back.

We’ll MWC it soon

By now, you’re probably wondering when exactly we’ll see LG’s next big smartphone. Well, as we said at the start, all present routes point towards a pre-MWC launch on 26 February, ahead of an April on-sale date.

There’s a slim chance that the 26 February invite refers to something else but, given that LG has used MWC to unveil its flagships in the past, we’d be surprised not to see it in Barcelona – though Samsung’s postponement of the S8’s release shows that anything is possible.

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