Is Samsung’s foldable phone almost here?

In May 2016, a rumour suggested that Samsung’s foldable phone (or phones) will carry the new Galaxy X branding, and launch alongside devices like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in 2017.

The latest rumours seem to suggest the Galaxy X will miss the Galaxy S8’s March reveal, and will instead arrive later in the year at Berlin’s IFA tech show. This is usually when Samsung would reveal a new Galaxy Note phone, so it will either be taking a year off (possibly to distance itself even further from the explosion-happy Galaxy Note 7) or will be launching a folding flagship alongside the latest addition to its familiar Phablet range.

According to the Korea Herald, Samsung may make up to 100,000 phones in a limited run, to test the technology and see how well it goes over with customers, before moving on to full-scale production.

That same rumour pegs a 4K-resolution display for the phone, which seems overly ambitious given the power needs for such a screen, but it would certainly be a showstopper. A Quad HD (2K) display like the Galaxy S7 seems more reasonable, but we’ll have to see whether Samsung opts to pull out all the stops for its first foldable phone.

During that same month, Samsung showed off the above flexible screen and the latest rollable concept at a display trade show, and Bloomberg’s June report added fuel to the fire that a 2017 release is likely for at least one foldable phone.

Samsung loves pioneering these totally out-there concepts, and we saw the super-niche Galaxy Note Edge quickly evolve into the immensely popular Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge. Will foldable smartphones be its next surprise success story? We may find out come early next year.

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