Galaxy S8 DeX desktop mode leaked online

A picture of DeX, the rumoured dock that will allow Galaxy S8 users to push a desktop-like operating system from their phone to an external monitor, has been leaked online.

The image, which is a graphical illustration rather than a photo, was found in what’s claimed to be a system dump from the unannounced Galaxy Tab S3 and first published by Android Police. The website said it has subsequently confirmed the design of the unit with an unidentified source.

The dock is a small, round unit, with a top that flips open to reveal the actual connector. According to Android Police, there is a HDMI connection at the rear, for connecting to an external monitor. As Android Police cautions, however, there’s currently no indication of what the desktop operating system will be like.

The discovery follows the leak yesterday of a number of supposed pictures of the Galaxy S8 on Twitter, with the most notable feature being a fingerprint scanner on the rear of the device.

This has seemingly been confirmed by another image from the data dump – once again a fairly basic graphic – which shows a finger being pressed against what seems to be a heartrate monitor located on the left of the rear camera. The larger fingerprint sensor is on the other side.

Much like previous editions of the flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t expected to be launched at MWC next week. However, the company is expected to tease the device ahead of its official launch later in March.

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