Apple will soon let you track down those pesky runaway AirPods

Back when the AirPods were announced, there was plenty of scepticism about how easy they would be keep track of. Historically, headphones stay neatly in place thanks to the bloody great cable tying them to your phone – or at least to each other, in the case of bluetooth buds. Apple’s AirPods had no such thing.

Despite removing an app that did similar things from the App Store, it seems Apple will soon be introducing the functionality to track down pesky missing AirPods itself. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple will be debuting the feature in iOS 10.3, which will “soon be available to the public.”


Of course, this feature only works if the AirPods have charge to maintain a Bluetooth connection, and with AirPods only having a five-hour battery life, you’ll have to spot that they’re missing quickly to benefit. If they’re flat though, you’ll still be able to see their last location. Just hope it’s somewhere where the small white earbuds will stand out, rather than, say, a white sand beach. Or this hotel, where a friend of mine once stayed, and described it as “like staying in an Apple store.”

Of course, if you don’t want the hassle, you could always ditch the wirelessness with a fake cord. It’ll look strange, but at least your expensive earphones won’t go walkies.

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