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We all value our data, and losing it can be catastrophic. Whether it’s your photos, movies and music or critical business and financial files – these are irreplaceable. Thanks to Seagate, owners of its high-performance desktop Barracuda Pro drives, as well as the unique Ironwolf Pro drives, benefit from two free years subscribed to Seagate’s industry-leading Seagate Rescue Service product.


It’s just like health insurance for your hard drives, and Seagate Rescue Service works woth any hard drive! Best of all, Seagate Rescue Service is FREE for registered buyers of the Barracuda Pro and Ironwolf Pro for two years!


There are two levels of protection. First is the Recovery Software, and it’s your first line of defense. This sophisticated software can recover files that have been inadvertently deleted, and it can even attempt to recover files from a formatted drive!


If all else fails, the Seagate Rescue Service covers you for those extreme cases when the Recovery Software is unable to restore lost data. This can happen if the drive is somehow physically danamed, or perhaps you are not comfortable using step-by-step software. In-Lab Recovery can also retrieve data from mobile phones! 

The process is simple. The first step is to submit a case online, or over the phone, then the drive is sent off to Seagate using a supplied pre-paid shipping label. Once Seagate has received your drive you can monitor its progress and when the job is done your drive is returned, or if the damage is too severe to the physical drive Seagate will return your data on a new external drive. It can even recover data from the cloud.


While registered Barracuda Pro and Ironwolf Pro owners have two full years of free access to the Seagate Rescue Service, the service is available to anyone and the prices are reasonable. It doesn’t even have to be a Seagate product. 

Read more here www.seagate.com/au/en/services-software/recover/

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