Review: Samsung CF591 27in Curved LED Monitor

The Samsung C27F591 27in Curved LED Monitor is the tech giant’s latest attempt at bringing curved monitors to the masses, and while it does some things very well, in some other fundamental ways it’s tragically flawed.

It’s certainly a pretty device. Its gloss white finish is a welcome departure from the flood of black monitors out there, and it looks equally at home in a trendy office as it would on a gamer’s desk. The round base has a small footprint, which is great for preserving desk real estate. Unfortunately, the monitor doesn’t have any height or swivel adjustment; only the tilt angle can be adjusted, and not by very much, at that. Its small base also meant the whole monitor was somewhat wobbly, which took away from its premium feel.

I did like the razor-thin black bezel surrounding the display, which helps with the immersive aims of this curved monitor.

Port-wise, it has VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort sockets, audio input and output jacks, and the monitor itself has built-in speakers, which work well enough in a pinch. No USB hub though, unfortunately.

Out of the box, the picture quality was middling at best, slightly oversaturated to give the image plenty of pop. This improved with a bit of calibration.

The monitor’s specs say it supports 16.7 million colours with a surprising 119.3% sRGB coverage. It also has an impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio, and during use didn’t give me any reason to doubt any of these claims.

Response time is touted at 5ms, and it also possesses AMD’s FreeSync via the DisplayPort or HDMI, which minimises tearing when paired with PCs with AMD’s GPUs.
You’d expect a 27in monitor (flat or curved) to have at the very least a WQHD resolution display, but Samsung’s resolution maxes out at only 1920×1080. This simply isn’t enough anymore, as website designers are increasingly building their sites to cater to higher resolutions, and the power of today’s GPUs means that gamers can run at WQHD resolutions.

Had this monitor come out a year or two ago, it would’ve been a more compelling buy. However, Samsung’s persistence with the 1080p resolution and its other niggles means that you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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