Review: LG 27UD88-W 4K monitor delivers practical 4K

At first you might think, what’s the point of 4K on a 27-inch monitor? Can you even tell the difference, at this size, between 3840×2160 and 2560×1440? Well, thanks to the improved scaling functionality in Windows 10 yes, yes you can.

During 2015, notebooks started to hit the market with extreme resolutions, culminating in the Surface Pro 4’s beautiful 2734 x 1824 12.3-inch display. Despite the Surface’s many teething problems, it was one of the best places to look at Windows 10. 

Now, a similar level of crispness and clarity comes to a standalone monitor. The 27UD88-W is an IPS display which means very even lighting and wide viewing angles. It supports FreeSync and has a 60Hz refresh rate which, combined with a bunch of genre presets including “RTS” and “FPS” makes it a reasonable choice for the cashed-up gamer. 

Around the back, a collection of ports includes 2x USB-B 3.0 ports and an USB Type-C upstream port to connect the monitor to the PC as a hub. Oddly there are no Type-C outputs but the regular ports do support quick charge for your various devices.

On the plus side, this single Type-C port can transport data, video and power to a laptop, making it an ideal companion for a MacBook or Samsung’s TabPro S.

The 27UD88-W has very good colour accuracy, and covers 97.6% of the sRGB spectrum. That’s very good rather than amazing, but it does make the monitor a candidate for a serious work display.

Photographers and designers will also be pleased by the many adjustment options, right down to the levels of cyan and magenta, along with lots of presets. There’s also BPB too for displaying 2, 3, or 4 sources at once.

Throw in a very slim bezel and sleek silver and white styling, and you have a very attractive 4K monitor for work and play. Being a 27-inch display keeps it compact, but at this price even 28 inches would make the purchasing choice a little easier. 

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