Review: Sennheiser’s PC 373D 7.1 headphones deliver amazing sound

What other headphone manufacturer would hand-pick lamb’s wool for its headband and ear cups other than Sennheiser? There’s a reason these headphones are so expensive, and that’s just one of them. Still, if you’re looking for the ultimate in audio quality, without blowing over a grand, these are a fine set of headphones to listen to your games with.

It’s obvious that Sennheiser has intended these for gamers. Firstly the USB connection means they’ll only work with a PC – a real shame as the sound quality is so good we’d love to use them with our smartphones and media players. Then there’s the Dolby Virtual 7.1 surround support, and it’s one of the better versions we’ve used. In the heat of a Battlefield battle, this virtual surround sound technology made it easy to pin-point exactly where each shot and grenade was coming from; it’s far superior to the cheaper solutions offered elsewhere.

Sennheiser has designed these to be worn all day, using an all-plastic design to make them ultra-light. Yet it’s strong enough to handle a beating, hence the two-year warranty. The extra-large open ear cups mean even the biggest ears will fit with ease, while there’s plenty of airflow to keep sweat at bay – just don’t expect your sleeping partner to appreciate the open ear design.

But where these shine most is their incredible sound quality. No matter the volume, or the deepest explosion, or whiniest bullet crack, the 373Ds deliver unshakeable audio without issue. Sennheiser’s gone for a balanced audio sound field, neither favouring the highs or lows, just the way we like it. There’s also a crystal clear fold-down microphone on one side, with volume controls also integrated into the ear cup.

Our only concern is the price – for a little less, you can get headphones that sound almost as good but are much more versatile. Sennheiser really should have equipped these cans with a 3.5mm minijack to get the most out of them.

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