Review: Edifier S1000DB Stereo Speakers

Nearly $700 may look like a lot to pay for a set of 2.0 speakers, and to be sure it is a pretty hefty price tag, but the quality and performance of the Edifier S1000DB is good enough to make the price seem like quite a bargain. The speakers are large and heavy, each featuring a titanium tweeter for a smoother response than with plastic or aluminium, and large, powerful 5.5-inch forward facing drivers that deliver 120W of oomph.

The speakers have a slanted design that is supposed to create a more focussed soundscape. It definitely seems to work. The S1000DB offer huge, impressive sound after a little burn-in and are equally impressive when listening to music or movies.

A range of connectors as well as Bluetooth connectivity ensure that you can access pretty much anything you could want to listen to.

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