Review: Draytek Vigor3220 Multi-WAN Security Router

If you’re running a small business with a serious need for lots of VPN tunnels, Draytek has you covered. The new Vigor3220 can provide up to 100 separate VPN tunnels, utilising PSec/PPTP/L2TP and most other commonly used protocols. If you’re looking for a seriously secure router to keep your data safe, this unit comes with all of the required specifications. 

Along with four Ethernet ports it also comes with twin USB 2.0 ports. Any of these can be used for Internet connectivity, with the USB ports compatible with 3G/4G dongles. It’s also possible to connect multiple Internet connections – if one fails, the unit will automatically failover to the next available connection. Or perhaps you’d like to combine multiple connections at once, as it can handle this as well. If you need to support a large number of NAT sessions, the Vigor3220 can handle an immense 100,000 NAT sessions. 

When it comes to top of the line security specs, the Vigor3220 has all your bases covered. There’s an object-oriented stateful packet inspection firewall, up to 50 SSL VPN tunnels and tag-based VLAN. It can also deal with DoS attacks, and also supports Content Management Security and Web Content Filtering. This last feature is based on the CYREN WCF database to identify website content, and the base pack comes with a free 30-day trial license. The Firewall uses an object-based model, which allows admins to place objects in groups for IPs, service types, keywords and other identifiers, lowering the total number of firewall rules that need to be created. Full SSL security is also included, making this the perfect router for those who need to be concerned about secure web encryption. 
A dedicated DMZ Ethernet port allows the connection of servers that don’t need security, while isolating the other connections from this port. Full QoS allows network admins to prioritise devices or applications over others. 

Average SOHO users will find most of the security features in this router to be total overkill, but if you’ve got a serious need to keep your network locked down, the Vigor3220 will do an able job.

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