One Minute Review: Tobii Eye X wants to track you

Although an intriguing concept and an impressive bit of tech, the Tobii EyeX eye tracker is a solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist. The EyeX is a bar that connects to the bottom of a monitor (up to 27in) that, as the name suggests, tracks the movement of the user’s eyes with the aim of using direction of vision for cursor control. The idea is that users can specify a keyboard shortcut to instantly snap the cursor to the area being looked at. 

Unfortunately the accuracy of the eye tracking varies greatly from user to user, with eye colour, thickness of glasses, distance from monitor, and even the wideness of your eyes all having an effect on how well the eye-tracking performs.

The worse it performs the more users need to move their mouse, negating any real usefulness of the eye tracker. 

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