One Minute Review: Corsair ML140 Pro LED fan

Magnetic levitation has been a high-speed transport dream for years, but there’s only a handful of working tracks in existence. 

But you can at least have a MagLev device in your PC.

Corsair’s ML fan range uses magnetic levitation in its bearings, in order to deliver smoother, quieter operation. Corsair’s gone even further, adding rubber grommets at the fan’s mounting points to further keep a lid on vibration, and added LEDs in the case of the Corsair ML140 Pro LED fan we’ve reviewed here. It’s a striking feature set for a fan, and they really do look quite handsome when installed.

Even better, they deliver what they promise. It’s practically impossible to eliminate all noise – anything moving that fast through air will produce some – but the ML140 Pro is very, very quiet. It emits just a low hum that your case will almost certainly obscure. And as an added bonus the magnetic bearings produce less wear, so your fan should last longer. 

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