Logitech announces new Bluetooth-enabled Z337 desktop speakers

Logitech used to be almost the only brand when it came to desktop peripherals, but in recent years a highly competitive market has eaten into the company’s market share. That said, Logitech’s not taking it lying down, and its new Z337 Bold Sound speakers are a pretty solid offering.

The 2.1 speaker set’s biggest drawcard is Bluetooth connectivity. You can plug the Z337’s into your PC or console, and still stream content from a paired mobile device – if you’re PC’s speakers are your main audio source, it’s a very versatile solution.

The speakers operate at 80w of peak power, connect via 3.5mm or RCA jacks (and the aforementioned Bluetooth), and features a control pad that can sit next your keyboard. There’s also a headphone jack for more private listening, and a control on the back of the subwoofer lets you dial the bass up or down.

The Z337 Bold Sounds speakers are out this month and retail for $149.95.

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