Palit drops the noise with new GeForce GTX1050 Ti KalmX

Palit has just launched a new line of GPUs under the KalmX moniker, though for now it only consists of one card. That one card, however, is pretty neat.

The GeForce GTX1050 Ti KalmX boasts a completely passive cooler, meaning no noisy fan. The card’s cooler consists of two nickel-plated heat pipes attached to an array of nickel-plated cooling fins, all attached to a solid copper base. It also needs no external power, making it perfect for small PC builds.

About the only downside – aside from the fact that you’ll not be playing top-end AAA games at massive resolutions – is that its’ a dual-slot card, thanks to the sizable cooling solution.

Palit’s being quiet about pricing and availability, but it shouldn’t too long, or too expensive.


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