New GTX 1080 Ti rumoured for late March release

March is looking like a big month for PC hardware. We’ve got new and very competitive looking processors from AMD, and it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll be getting a shiny new GeForce GTC 1080 Ti from Nvidia.

The latest news about a possible release date comes Nordic Hardware via Guru3D. Nordic spotted the card in the PC requirements for Halo Wars 2 (for Ultra level performance, unsurprisingly, and went on to add that its sources suggest a release date for the last week of March, ahead of a soft launch around the upcoming Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco next week.

The GTX 1080 Ti is looking pretty beastly, too. While it’ll run at a slightly lower clock-speed than the stock 1080, it will likely boast 3,328 shader processors compared to the 1080’s 2,560, and 10GB of RAM on a 384Mbit memory bus – a huge improvement on the stock card – for a total memory bandwidth of 480GB/s compared to the 1080’s 320GB/s.

We’re keeping an eye out for more news as at breaks.

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