AMD’s Radeon 5-series card pop up online

It’s pretty much standard practice now for some poor, over-eager online retailer to accidentally post pre-order pricing for upcoming PC hardware, and thus ruin the carefully NDA-ed plans of some poor vendor. That’s happened overnight, with AMD’s upcoming 5-series video cards.

Guru3D has the deets and full listings, and the prices in Euros are as follows:

  • RX 550 – 90
  • RX 570 – 183
  • RX 580 – 234

The 570 and 580 will be available in 4 and 8GB models, while the 550 features 2 or 4GB of RAM. 

In Australian pricing – and this is only very vague, as these pre-order prices are probably higher than normal retail – it equates to about $125 for the 550, $260 for the 570, and $330 for the 580. 

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