Three Ryzen CPUs get a possible price – and they’re crazy-cheap!

We’re slowly learning more and more about AMD’s upcoming Ryzen CPUs. We’ve got a rough release date of some time in March (which is not far away at all), and we even have a possible product line-up, as well as the names of the 17 models in the range, as well as the number of cores and threads each processor supports.

And now we have a rough idea of the pricing, at least of three of the higher end parts, thanks to a report from a Spanish website. claims to have European pricing for the R7 1800X, the R7 1700X, and the R7 1700. This includes Europe’s VAT tax, but a rough conversion to Australian dollars gives us the following prices:

R7 1800X – $839

R7 1700X – $657

R7 1700 – $545

Given the 1800X is meant to stack up with Intel’s Core i7 6900K processor – they both sport eight cores and 16 threads, and roughly the same base clock speed – that pricing is pretty amazing. The equivalent Intel part retails for nearly $1500 in Australia. If this pricing is at all accurate – hell, even if it’s out by a couple of hundred – AMD’s going to have a serious price advantage over the competition.

We’re expecting to hear official pricing in a few weeks.

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