One Minute Review: Thermaltake Core P3 case

The Core P3 is an open frame case, which you need to assemble out of the box before you can start building your PC. It’s very well-engineered and features some wonderfully lux components – especially the four chrome pillars that support the Perspex cover. It’s also rather versatile; it can be built with feet attached, to stand on your desk like any other desktop, or built flat as a testbench, or even mounted on a wall if you like the idea of your PC being a work of art.

It’s easy – if a little fiddly – to build, and while it’s hardly going to keep your PC quiet, or free of dust, it’s certainly a talking point. The P3 is not a case for everyone, but if you’re a bit of an inveterate tweaker or upgrader, it could be perfect, as it allows much quicker access to the innards of your average PC.

You’re paying a premium for a chassis that comes without cooling and that you need to assemble, but for serious enthusiasts it’s a valid case option.

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