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Android 8.0 will land on the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL before hitting other devices in the coming months.

The Android O update could start rolling out to the Google Pixel this week if rumours from Android guru David Ruddock are true.

The managing editor of Android website Android Police has suggested the next version of Android O could start appearing on select device in some regions as Google rolls out its staged release schedule.

“I’d look for the official Google Pixel Android O update to land in about a week,” Ruddock wrote on Twitter on 2 August. “Could be pushed, but that’s the timeline for now AFAIK.”

Android O, AKA Android 8.0 will also appear on Pixel XL devices too, which would keep it inline with previous rumours suggesting it will land in the first two weeks of August.

As always, rumours are circulating about the full name of Android O, which undoubtedly will be related to some kind of sweet treat. Will it be Android Oreo? Or perhaps Android Oatmeal Cookie?

We could find our answer in the root code of Android 8.0, which leaked back in May. References to “oc-dev” would suggest it’s likely to be closer to the second suggestion, but only time will tell (and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long with the release imminent).

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