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Only 16% of existing iPhone users say they’ll definitely buy the iPhone 8 – analysts.

A report by analyst firm Piper Jaffray suggests that Apple fans aren’t particularly excited about the launch of the iPhone, despite the device apparently having a completely new design.

Analyst Michael J. Olson said the research house surveyed around 400 iPhone users in the US and discovered that 16% anticipated they would buy the iPhone 8 when it’s released later this month, compared to 15% of participants in the survey last year.

Less than a quarter said they will ‘maybe’ upgrade and at the same time last year, 29% of existing iPhone users said they had the same sentiment towards the flagship device.

“We also found that the % of iPhone users on a version two years or older (at time of upgrade) is almost identical (66% vs 67%) compared to our 2016 survey,” Olson added in the research note, seen by CNBC.

The report also explained that it asked respondents whether they were aware of the “more robust” feature set of the iPhone 8 and most said they weren’t, suggesting Apple needs to better communicate the reasons why every iPhone user should upgrade when the device is released later this year.

The company still believes when the device is announced, attitudes will change and upgrades will happen on a much larger scale than the research suggests.

“Specifically, our analysis suggests that at the time of iPhone X launch there will be an installed base of ~330M users on an iPhone that’s at least 2 years old (see details in table below),” Olson said.

“We believe a sizable portion of these users, in addition to users with newer devices, will look to upgrade due to the age of their device and the more significant changes to the device. Our model assumes Apple sells ~242M iPhones in the 12 months following iPhone X launch.”

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