Samsung Galaxy Note 8 available from 24 August

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available to buy from 24 August, the day after it’s announced, a Reddit user has revealed.

Note8throwaway, who is apparently a Best Buy employee, said on the social networking and content sharing platform that he has received the information from Verizon and Samsung, although it isn’t clear whether these release dates will only apply to the US.

“Note 8 will be launching 24 August 24th, a next day launch after the press conference.
Source: Best Buy Mobile Employee, confirmed through both Verizon and Samsung channels,” the post wrote (sic).

A moderator confirmed the source was indeed a Best Buy employee, although Samsung and Verizon haven’t yet confirmed nor denied whether the information is true.

“Verified that source is a Best Buy employee. As with all rumors, take with a grain of salt and make your own judgements,” the mod response said.

Although we’ve heard numerous rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s release date, this would seemingly be the most solid source, although it would clash with other claims that have said it won’t come out until September.

For example, Korean news source said the release date is most likely to be 15 September, which would fit with the usual two-to-three week pause between announcement and availability.

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