Apple’s iPhone 8 ‘will boast super-fast facial recognition’

The iPhone 8 could sport the fastest facial recognition engine ever seen on a smartphone, with the company apparently working hard to make sure it beats all records.

According to Bloomberg, the facial recognition technology would be able to identify and unlock the phone for the rightful owner in a few hundred milliseconds, making it an almost instant way to unlock you device so you can start using it as soon as you glance at the screen.

Although Apple hasn’t commented on the technology, it’s long been rumoured the iPhone 8 would feature some super-smart technology that could work alongside or independently with the TouchID fingerprint scanner to make it more secure than any other iPhone so far.

This would seemingly fit with Tim Cook’s mission to “be the best and to give the user something that really makes a difference in their lives,” the publication said. It added that Apple doesn’t necessarily always want to be the first with its innovations, but it does want to be the best and hence why the company is so set on making its method of facial recognition the most reliable.

Other innovations Bloomberg thinks Apple will include in the iPhone 8 are reconfigured cameras for better augmented reality, a smart camera with better object detection and an infrared sensor to help facial recognition in the dark.

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