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Tiny desktops are impressive, but make us wonder if they’re missing the point about why some people stick with big towers.

In an era of shrinking laptops and phones, owners of PC towers still unashamedly buck the smaller-is-better trend.

So it’s with interest that we spotted this tiny PC, the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180, seen in the video below, which is supposedly the world’s smallest “fully-functional” desktop PC. The thing is 22mm thick and when it’s in the upright position it is 19.2cm high – shorter than an iPad.

It does make us wonder about the lasting appeal of the PC tower though. For all of the little Lenovo’s tricks – including optional Blu-Ray drive, a fancy remote control, and the ability to attach it to the back of your TV – it’s clearly a second machine, or an “extra” PC. Lenovo is pushing it as a way to turn your TV into an entertainment hub.

This makes sense in the lounge room (although for all the Q180’s features, such as 500GB HDD and DirectX 11 support, we’d still be tempted to go for a WD TV Live instead of a US$369 computer).

As for tiny PCs taking over from towers? Despite colleague Jon Honeyball’s argument here , not all of us are holding our breath for it to happen anytime soon.

What do you think? Add your opinion below.

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