Review: Razer Blade Pro (2017)

You’re gonna need some pretty powerful hardware for a laptop to outmuscle a desktop PC, and Razer has certainly delivered on that front.

The Blade Pro is jam-packed with performance parts, including a quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU, a whopping 32GB of memory, and two (yes, TWO) PCIe SSDs. So basically the fastest CPU, most memory, and fastest storage you’re going to find in any off-the-shelf system.

It’s fast – monumentally fast. Throw any 2D task at the Pro and it’ll blitz through it in no time at all. No amount of open Chrome tabs will bring this thing to it’s knees.

The Blade Pro has got GPU grunt, too. A desktop version of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 provides the heavy lifting for games, managing playable frame rates at 4K resolution. Gears of War 4? No problem – it plays perfectly.

It all stays amazingly cool and quiet, though. Gaming laptops usually get toasty within minutes of booting up a game, but after an hour of intense Rocket League action, it didn’t chargrill my fingers. That’s thanks to a custom cooling system and two ultra-thin fans that don’t spin up as soon as you hit that Start button.

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