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Computex: But really it’s just some high-end new gaming motherboards, GTX 1080 cards, and a gaming PC. But VR ready!

MSI just taken the wraps of its range of new gear at this year’s Computex, and the big thing holding it all together is the company’s claim that it is the world’s first ‘VR ready brand’.

We’re not entirely sure what that means*, since nearly every other hardware vendor is more than capable of supporting VR, but that’s marketing for you. For some it’s ‘4K ALL THE THINGS!’, for others… it’s virtual reality.

Marketing campaigns aside, MSI stuff looks the goods – at least from this distance. 

The Aegis Series gaming desktops lead the charge, with a unique design (so we’re told, anyway), and is VR-ready, of course, but apart from that, details are pretty thin. It’s joined by a new X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon motherboard (it’s VR-ready), and MSI’s GTX 1080 Founder’s Edition card – which at least we know something about, and yes, of course it’s VR-ready, though that’s more to do with Nvidia than MSI.

We’ve got two pairs of boots on the ground over there – hi Ben, hi Bennett! – so hopefully they can dig out a few more details.


*Actually, it pertains to MSI’s VR lab, and their gaming laptop’s certification for the HTC Vive. But, again, we’re sure other laptops can handle it.

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