Splatoon 2's Next Free DLC Weapon Arrives Tonight

Another free DLC weapon is on the way to Splatoon 2. This week, players can pick up the Custom Splattershot Jr., a returning shooter from the first Splatoon.

Like all of the game’s previous DLC weapons, the Custom Splattershot Jr. can be purchased using in-game currency from the Ammo Knights weapon shop. As its name implies, the shooter is a modified version of the standard Splattershot Jr. It features the same stats as the original gun, but it comes outfitted with a different sub-weapon and special.

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Rather than Splat Bombs, the Custom Splattershot Jr. comes equipped with Autobombs as its sub-weapon. These explosives follow and detonate around a nearby enemy. Its special weapon is the Ink Storm, which creates a cloud that rains ink over the battlefield.

The Custom Splattershot Jr. arrives in the US tonight and tomorrow morning in Europe. Available before that is the latest Splatoon 2 update, which makes a list of tweaks to Salmon Run, certain weapons, and other aspects of the game. Japan’s next Splatfest competition kicks off this weekend and asks players to make the toughest choice yet: McDonald’s fries or chicken nuggets?

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