Fantastic Beasts Comes To Digital HD, Blu-Ray/DVD In March With 11 Deleted Scenes

Warner Bros. announced today that Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will arrive on Blu-ray/DVD and via digital platforms in March.

It arrives on digital platforms on March 7, with the physical Blu-ray/DVD version following on March 28, Warner Bros. announced.

The bonus features were also revealed today. They include a feature titled “Before Harry Potter: A New Era of Magic Begins!,” in which J.K. Rowling, director David Yates, and producer David Heyman discuss creating the Harry Potter prequel. There are also video pieces for the movie’s main characters and creatures, while 11 deleted scenes are included with the home video version as well.

Warner Bros. also confirmed that it will release all eight Harry Potter movies on Ultra HD Blu-ray later this year. What’s more, it will put out an expanded version of the movie’s virtual reality experience this year. It will include “never-before-seen” footage, though specifics were not shared.

Fantastic Beasts opened in November 2016 and made more than $800 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.

There will be five Fantastic Beasts movies in all. The next one, due out in 2018, will be set in Paris and feature Dumbledore and the evil wizard Grindelwald, who will be played by Johnny Depp.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Blu-ray/DVD Contents:

Before Harry Potter: A New Era of Magic Begins!

  • Join J.K. Rowling as she, David Yates and David Heyman return to Leavesden Studios to build a new and exciting corner of the wizarding universe.


  • The Magizoologist
  • The Goldstein Sisters
  • The New Salemers
  • The No-Maj Baker
  • The President and the Auror


  • Meet the Fantastic Beasts
  • Bowtruckle
  • Demiguise
  • Erumpent
  • Niffler
  • Occamy
  • Thunderbird


  • Shaping the World of Fantastic Beasts (360°)
  • New York City (360°)
  • MACUSA (360°)
  • Newt’s Magical Case (360°)
  • The Shaw Banquet
  • The Blind Pig (360°)

Deleted Scenes (11 scenes)

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