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Bring the big screen experience home with one of these lovely light-throwers.

We may all have bigger tellies than our childhood selves ever dreamed of owning, but when it comes to home entertainment there’s something even larger to aspire to: a projector.

The ideal way to achieve home cinema nirvana? Place a high-end projector as your setup’s centrepiece. These bulb-powered beasts are capable of throwing out a gloriously bright and crisp image that covers entire walls with your favourite movie, TV show or video game – and some can now handle 4K material.

No need to spend hours poring over buyer’s guides: we’ve picked out a trio of recommendations just for you.

SONY VPL-HW45ES ($3849)

What’s the story?

Cut the lights, grab some popcorn and settle in for a home cinema treat, because that’s exactly what this full HD, 3D projector delivers. Beneath its turtle-shell-like exterior lies a versatile beast whose 1800-lumen brightness does wonders to bring movies to life in your living room.

Is it any good?

OK, so it can’t deliver 4K, but this Sony offers a phenomenal cinematic experience. With just a few twists of the lens you’ll be treated to a crisp, detailed picture that doesn’t go overboard with excessively saturated colours. Motion processing is similarly refined, catering for both blockbuster bombast and low-key theatrics with equal precision. And it’s pretty much plug and play – you don’t need to fiddle with settings to scale these visual heights. 

A real winner for non-4K brilliance, this projector is the business

SONY VPL-VW550ES ($9299)

What’s the story?

Yes, it’s another Sony, but this is one of only a handful of 4K projectors in existence. Whereas JVC’s effort costs tens of thousands of dollars, this one clocks in at just under 10 grand. While that still amounts to a hefty investment, you do get 1800-lumen brightness, 6000-hour lamp life and HDR abilities.

Is it any good?

Whether you’re streaming off Netflix or getting your 4K kicks through a disc, this projector does a sterling job – especially when it comes to nature docs, where its thoroughbred talents for texture and detail shine through. Seriously, you’ll be blown away by Planet Earth on a 96in surface. Elsewhere, this Sony favours a naturalistic colour palette but still delivers the goods when it comes to explosions and firefights. 

This 4K/HDR behemoth doesn’t come cheap, but it’s an absolute monster

EPSON EH-TW5350 ($1090)

What’s the story?

Budget projectors are a curious bunch: more expensive than your average cut-price telly, while often lacking the same finesse. But given the choice of watching Wimbledon on a tiny 4K set or a giant expanse of living-room wall, there’s really no contest – and that’s why Epson’s latest effort comes as such a delight.

Is it any good?

This HD projector is a lightweight yet sturdy machine with a smart curved chassis. As long as you hook it up to a separate audio setup and are happy to spend a few minutes twiddling with settings, you’ll have a great time here. Subtlety is king, with gradients of colour and texture prioritised over flashy bursts of oversaturation. Add crisp image quality, and you’ve got a truly immersive movie and TV experience. 

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