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Sponsored: Upgrade to Samsung NVMe SSD for superior gaming and media performance.

When you consider your next upgrade and want to see an improvement in gaming and media performance, then your storage should be a high priority. If your current rig uses hard drives for your game installs and media then you’re in for a treat when you install a Samsung NVMe SSD. Even coming from most SATA SSDs should deliver appreciable gains.

There are tangible benefits a Samsung NVMe SSD can bring to many games. The first is in pure loading times. In our testing, the Samsung 960 PRO delivered sequential read speeds of up to 3,500MB/sec, while the Samsung 960 EVO offered up to 3,200MB/sec. Compare that to a typical SATA SSD and its average speeds of around 600MB/sec, or a hard drive that can struggle to achieve 100MB/sec. This sequential read time means game worlds should load much faster. For single player gaming that would mean less time watching the dreaded ‘loading’ screen, and for many multiplayer games it can mean being amongst the first players in the server. Of course, read and loading times will vary depending on the user environment, including your device’s operating system, memory and internet connection.

Samsung NVMe SSDs are also powered to deliver astonishing random read and write performance, and that’s especially useful for games that need to access many smaller files – such as a heavily modded open world game like Skyrim or Fallout 4. It is all designed to achieve smoother gameplay without the stutters or pauses typically associated with hard drives or slower SSDs. 

Many of us are now amateur video editors, thanks to high res cameras in our smartphones, and with a Samsung NVMe SSD we can enjoy the slick operations professionals expect. Loading media quickly isn’t only a boon for content creation, accessing media on a Samsung NVMe SSD can be nearly instantaneous, and running multiple streams of 4k or even 8k should be no stress at all. 

It all makes for a snappy and responsive PC that’s a delight to use, without the frustrations or performance issues that test our patience. If you want to minimise annoying bottlenecks then a Samsung NVMe is the way to go.

You can see Samsung showing off its wares at Upgrade Australia next week in Sydney – and there’s still time to register and attend!

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