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Thermaltakes Riing smites the mighty Kraken silently and in colourful style.

RGB lighting isn’t new to all-in-one liquid coolers. Nzxt’s Kraken series has been sporting an adjustable RGB light on top of its pump for a while.

Thermaltake’s latest Riing series of coolers makes the Kraken’s RGB light look like an old torch with a dying battery, though. This cooler has the RGB lighting going around the circumference of each of the two fans, using a clear plastic ring to direct the light around, a bit like a fat fibre optic cable. 

The LED colours are adjusted via a fan control unit which allows you to set the colour to anything you like, have them on a rainbow coloured loop, or simply off, any of which is remembered the next time you boot up. The unit also allows you to set two fan speed ranges, normal (800-1500rpm) and low noise (400-1000rpm) modes. Both of which are pretty much inaudible even with you ear right next to them. We also found that in rainbow mode and with normal fan speed set, the refresh rate of the RGB LEDs and the fan blades created a strobing effect that was a little hypnotising.

Installation was a breeze. Just snap some clamping rings into place in any orientation (in 30° increments) around the pump for your socket type, click in some plastic screw hole guides, attach the back plate and screw it all into place.

Testing this on an i7-5930K versus the Nzxt Kraken X61 280mm cooler at a room temperature of 27°C, the Riing was 1°C cooler at 32°C than the Kraken at idle. At stock CPU speeds under OCCT loading the Kraken held at 62°C while the Riing in performance mode saw 64°C and 72°C in low noise mode. Ramping the testing up to 11, we overclocked the CPU to 4.4GHz, dumping a further 151 watts into the system. The Kraken peaked at 92°C while the Riing in quite mode just kissed 100°C, while performance mode saw it peak at just 90°C.

A 240mm AIO running near silent matching or beating a screaming Kraken 280mm is quite an achievement and worthy of top marks.

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 240


“A 240mm AIO running near silent matching or beating a screaming Kraken 280mm is quite an achievement and worthy of top marks.”

$225 AUD

Copper base • !2V, 175 mA • 120 x 120 x 25mm • speed 800 – 1500 RPM performance mode, 400 – 1000 RPM quiet mode

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