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There’s no longer a fraction too much friction with Corsair’s new fan range.

You want a lot of fans for your next build, but you don’t want a lot of noise. Normally, there’s have to be some noise/performance compromise made, but Corsair’s new ML range offers hella cooling, without the noise.

And it all revolves around magnets.

There’s an impressive ten variants in the ML range, but they all use the same magnetic levitation process. The fan in each makes no contact with its housing, levitating clear of any surface that might cause friction, and thus noise. Apart from the air, of course – we assume that Corsair’s next trick will be some kind of vacuum housing, I don’t know.

The fans come in 120 and 140mm sizes, in a range of colours, and in ML, ML PRO, and ML PRO LED models. They all boast a massive PWM range, and at their lowest speed only measure 16 dBA in volume. You can even remove the fan’s corners of the ML PRO to match the colour of your build, making these an excellent choice if you value aesthetics as much as performance, while the PRO LED range comes with – surprise! – four ultra-bright LEDs. The corners also feature rubber mounts to further combat vibration.

“We built the ML Series to be the ultimate fan, offering exceptionally low noise levels to those who value silence and insane airflow for those who demand it” said Michael Hooper, Product Manager for Cooling at CORSAIR, in today’s release. “With the use of the Magnetic Levitation Bearing and custom rotor, we’re able to create a single fan that lets the user choose their perfect balance between airflow, static pressure and noise with no compromises.”

The 120mm fans have speeds ranging from 400 to 2400 RPM, while the 140mm fans range from 400 to 2000rpm. Here’s the pricing you can expect across the range:

Finally, we ponder the imponderable…

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