One Minute Review: Zerodate X300 gaming mouse – Keyboards & Mice

Not the greatest mouse, but certainly one of the most striking.

From time to time we poke around Gearbest’s site hunting interesting products for review. This Chinese megastore has a range that’s enormous, prices are low and many neat little discoveries can be found. We decided to review the most outrageously over the top looking mouse they had. Unfortunately they were out of stock of the one with the huge illuminated plastic energy sphere, so they sent this, instead.

At the end of its shiny metallic cord sits a bamboozle of crazy shapes. There must be dozens of parts in this thing, it’s glorious in its dramatic overkill. What looks like an F1 suspension component lies within, illuminated, under the weight adjustment compartment which shows weight measured in kilograms. Metal bits poke out everywhere and the enormous metal mouse wheel is so meaty you could mount a wheelbarrow on it and carry bricks around.

It had no Teflon feet, at all, so scratched like a chainsaw on the mousepad, but the application of a spare set from another mouse fixed the issue.

I’m still using it after a month, because it makes people stop and talk to me.

Zerodate X300


“I’m still using it after a month, because it makes people stop and talk to me.”

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