Inno3D warns crypto-miners that mining may void the warranty on their video cards

We talked earlier today about how the rise in popularity of crypto-mining is causing worldwide shortages of certain video cards. It’s more a problem for AMD cards, which are better miners, but low-to-mid range Nvida cards are also sought after. The problem is, however, is that these cards are generally not designed for 24/7, always on operation.

Which in turn means serious issues for cards that effectively burn out well before their warranty is up, adding further strain to the whole card shortage crisis. Cardmaker Inno3D’s solution is simple – it’s started placing stickers on its products warning that mining may void the warranty. 

The new warning was posted by a Reddit user and picked up by Guru3D. The full warning is:

“This product is not designed for Crypto Mining.

We reserve the right to void the warranty if there is any damage associated from this application”

How Inno3D is planning to work that out is bit of a mystery.

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