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Cougar courts both gamers and enthusiasts with a big, roomy case.

Cougar is best known as a mid-range gaming brand, but its new case – while definitely aimed at gamers – has some rather interesting features that make at an intriguing enthusiast choice. The exterior is pure gaming bravado, with faux carbon-fibre highlights, carry handles, and lots of exposed screws. 

But it’s also very roomy inside, especially behind the motherboard plate, which will make cable-tidying particularly easy. There’s a shroud over the power supply, too, to keep that thermal load separate from the rest of the case, and another shroud near the two front intake fans that channels air into the space behind your motherboard – which is where most of your drives will be installed. Those fans can be set to one of three pre-set speeds by the fan controller built into the front IO panel. One very handy touch is the windowed side-panel, which is not secured by screws but by a simple push-button mechanism that makes it easy to remove. And if you use headphones, there’s even a detachable headphone hook to keep them out of the way.

The looks are not for everyone, but the Panzer Max’s features are certainly a cut above.

Cougar Panzer Max


“… has some rather interesting features that make at an intriguing enthusiast choice.”

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