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A striking take on windowed case design that shows off your hardware beautifully.

There are a handful of easy faults to find with Thermaltake’s latest case, but for the asking price, it seems churlish to weigh them too heavily. There’s mesh for the front fan intakes (though no fans) that’s secured by crudely torn tape, waiting to be held in place by fans once installed; there’s not a lot of room for hard drives – there are two 2.5/3.5in caddies – and four brackets for SSDs. 

But, on the upside, the case looks fantastic, with a window panel that curves up from the side to the case’s top – this would be a striking case to install lighting in. The glossy front fascia looks elegant too, and doesn’t pick up finger-prints too easily. There’s even a separate chamber for the PSU, for better thermal management, and rather curious rubber covers for all the front panel IO ports. Definitely a solution looking for a problem.

For $89 though, it’s a solid budget option, and looks fantastic, even if it is a shade… idiosyncratic.

Thermaltake View 27


“For $89 though, it’s a solid budget option, and looks fantastic…”

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