Corsair unveiled two cool new PC case concepts at Computex – Atomic – Cases

The Concept Slate and Concept Curve aren’t available yet… but they will be eventually.

Corsair has shown off a couple of very fancy, and no doubt eventually very expensive PC cases at Computex last week. 

First up is the very sexy Concept Curve. Based on a similar design to the classic Graphite 780T, the Curve boasts a hand-finished carbon-fibre chassis, with curved tempered glass side-panels, as well as one on the front fascia and top panel. The case is topped off by three fans on the top, and three more on the front, all with striking orange RGB lighting. Corsair compares the design to high-end sports cars, and we can see where they’re coming from.

The Concept Slate is a ‘super-tower’ PC, meaning, basically, that is REALLY, REALLY BIG. There’s room in this case for two water-cooled PCs side-by-side, complete with a huge array of cooling fans and room for all the radiators you could want, as well as RGB lighting to really show off whatever crazy system you build into it.

And it looks pretty good too.

There’s no date for these cases making it to retail just yet, but we’ve been told by Corsair that they’re on their way. And the Curve definitely looks worth the wait.

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